Bonnaroo has been making the headlines this week for a variety of reasons. What's true, what's fake, what's really going on about the 2012 Roo? First, the charitable heart of Bonnaroo was the center of attention. After a decade-long success, the music festival has tallied up over $5 million in charitable giving. Not too shabby! According to, a news site covering Chattanooga, TN, the donations go to the East Tennessee Foundation. The foundation then finds organizations in need of funding. Good music and good times translates to doing good for others! Where else did Bonnaroo surface in the media? Well, the Road to Bonnaroo, the now annual band competition begins at the end of this month. Read about dates and places for the Road to Bonnaroo here. And lastly, the 2012 Bonnaroo Line-Up was faux-nounced this week. An imitation floated around the Internet. Someone just couldn't wait any longer. Well, any day now for the real line-up...
Music-lover and blogger "Sarah on the Go" has the right idea: She's hoping to hit up the Jack Daniel's Distillery on her way to Bonnaroo 2012. Just a half hour from the festival site, the distillery is one of the spots outlined in How Do You Roo, along with more places to cool off and hang out with friends after the fest. Tired of too much sun? How about underground hiking?

Road trips are expensive when you factor in fuel costs--but we need to fuel ourselves too. What's the best food to bring to Bonnaroo if you're road tripping? Peanut butter was a top choice for Rooers who were interviewed for How Do You Roo. Take advantage of the heat though - learn about baking cookies on your dashboard:
Check out this University at Buffalo student's Bonnaroo festival experience. She decided to put her entire trip on a credit card!
Music lovers who fly into Nashville will be happy to hear that the airport is growing their rental car capacity. With Bonnaroo maxing out Nashville Airport's passenger levels, the international hub will soon be able to store twice as many rental cars as it was previously able to do. Perfect for anyone who wants to fly to the Roo, rent a car and explore the area's music history, distilleries and other fun road trips outlined in How Do You Roo.
Getting to Bonnaroo By Plane

Anyone who flew to Bonnaroo X will be happy to know they were part of a record-breaking event. The Nashville International Airport set a new record with 19,000 passengers flying in or out on June 13, 2011. According to a recent article, this exceeded Thanksgiving Day travel by 120%!

Flying to Bonnaroo sounds good. But what about the fun of driving to the Roo?
You've heard of CouchSurfing and have probably seen the ride sharing section on Craigslist, but there's a handy dandy new app called goCarShare that launched just this month. The app is exclusively for travelers who need a ride to a music festival (only in the UK for now). Although Craigslist and the inforoo message boards get bloated every May with ride offers, once someone makes a US-targeted app, it may be the best thing since sliced gluten-free bread.