If you miss Bonnaroo in June--or even if you do make it to the Roo--there will be a chance for more music later in the month. A new music festival in St. Paul, Minnesota is being planned at Harriet Island. Live Nation is coordinating the large-scale music festival, which is predicted to take place annually for five years. (But who's to say it won't become a longer term lifestyle staple like Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits?) Crowds will be big, about half a Roo, at 50,000. More about the Harriet Island music festival plans should be announced in early 2012.

Minnesota is soaking in the tunes! This music fest news comes on the heels of Minneapolis' new First Avenue Summer Music Fest.
In a press release this week, The All Good Fest announced after almost a decade rocking in West Virginia, they will now host their annual music festival in Ohio's historic Legend Valley. The space used to be the Buckeye Lake Music Center. Why move from Marvin's Mountaintop? West Virginia's festival location was difficult to access and organizers hope the easy Interstate access in Ohio will solve the problem. Good location and good music? It's All Good.
Good news, Minneapolis and those nearby! Although not an outdoor music festival, First Avenue has started plans for a summer music fest to be held at Parade Park. According to a recent article, the organizers are hoping to make it like the Pitchfork or Summerstage.