Music-lover and blogger "Sarah on the Go" has the right idea: She's hoping to hit up the Jack Daniel's Distillery on her way to Bonnaroo 2012. Just a half hour from the festival site, the distillery is one of the spots outlined in How Do You Roo, along with more places to cool off and hang out with friends after the fest. Tired of too much sun? How about underground hiking?

Road trips are expensive when you factor in fuel costs--but we need to fuel ourselves too. What's the best food to bring to Bonnaroo if you're road tripping? Peanut butter was a top choice for Rooers who were interviewed for How Do You Roo. Take advantage of the heat though - learn about baking cookies on your dashboard:
Check out this fantastic video of culinary students for the Art Institute of Nashville as they plan a menu for Bonnaroo.
Although How Do You Roo covers a lot of tips on what to wear and what to bring to eat at the fest, Gianna Stefanelli's latest article for Inside-Beat takes a novel approach: strategy. She recommends plotting stage visits, nap times, water breaks and staple supplies in advance. What do you prefer: spontaneity vs. premeditated comfortable fun? A combo of the two would be nice.
A New Jersey bloggger and Rooer, Ellie Delancey, has posted a delightful twist on the Ben & Jerry's Bonnaroo Buzz flavor...with cupcakes! However trendy cupcakes have become the past few years, from Sex & the City's Magnolia Bakery plug (video above) to Brooklyn's Butch Bakery cupcakes for men, these Bonnaroo Cupcakes mix the malt and whiskey signature base with chocolate. She's got step-by-step and photo-by-photo instructions on how to create the jammin' cakes in your home. These just might be perfect road trip desserts for Bonnaroo 2012! :)