Fictional Bonnaroo Clue Maestro Gary Chardonnay tweeted the first of many Roo lineup hints, sparking a series of rumors, guesses and speculation of who Roo has in store for us this year.

"Rooclue 1: Good or evil? Canton-bound. Ascension linked to versions of the Sabbath"
Many fans guessed Mogwai, Faith No More and Marilyn Manson.

Further reports from broken mic confirm: Artist Mogwai

In Cantonese Mogwai means “evil spirit." Mogwai's premier success on the singles charts was a cover of a Black Sabbath song. 

Don't forget: If camping isn't for you, there are VIP options at Bonnaroo, but it will cost you. VIP passes cost upwards of $1,300. If you're looking for cabin to rent near Manchester with 24-hour complimentary limo service to the festival ? How Do You Roo features all the information you need.

Bonnaroo has changed over the years, adding more specialty options to make the festival more comfortable, fun and green. Other music festivals around the country are changing too. Many urban music festivals are becoming popular since music lovers don't need to be concerned about traffic, tenting or mud. Check out the Wall Street Journal's piece about the music festival trend.

It's a big anniversary for the Beach Boys. Their 50th Anniversary Tour begins in the spring at the New Orleans Jazz Fest. No Country For New Nashville is posing the question, will the Beach Boys be at Bonnaroo 2012? Their recent post is pointing fingers at the Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and No Doubt. 

No doubt the Beach Boys will be busy, maybe too busy for Bonnaroo? They will reunite with Brian Wilson and record a new album and their tour spans 50 cities. Hmmm, there are only 52 weeks in a year...
If you miss Bonnaroo in June--or even if you do make it to the Roo--there will be a chance for more music later in the month. A new music festival in St. Paul, Minnesota is being planned at Harriet Island. Live Nation is coordinating the large-scale music festival, which is predicted to take place annually for five years. (But who's to say it won't become a longer term lifestyle staple like Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits?) Crowds will be big, about half a Roo, at 50,000. More about the Harriet Island music festival plans should be announced in early 2012.

Minnesota is soaking in the tunes! This music fest news comes on the heels of Minneapolis' new First Avenue Summer Music Fest.
Check out this University at Buffalo student's Bonnaroo festival experience. She decided to put her entire trip on a credit card!
Finding tickets to Bonnaroo 2012 just became a bit easier. A new social media-integrated ticketing platform called Ticketfly just launched. This means mobile apps can be used to conveniently acquire festival tickets. It's a new way of getting tickets for music festivals other than Bonnaroo too. Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza and New Orleans' Jazz Fest are on board. You can use their ticket system to search by event, shows in your area or your favorite artist.
In a press release this week, The All Good Fest announced after almost a decade rocking in West Virginia, they will now host their annual music festival in Ohio's historic Legend Valley. The space used to be the Buckeye Lake Music Center. Why move from Marvin's Mountaintop? West Virginia's festival location was difficult to access and organizers hope the easy Interstate access in Ohio will solve the problem. Good location and good music? It's All Good.
This past weekend Asheville, NC was flooded with 30,000 people to hear music by The Flaming Lips and other amazing musicians at MoogFest. In almost a dozen venues in the downtown Western North Carolina city, music could be heard for 3 days. The fest also featured a talk by Brian Eno, the artist and producer of U2 records and the Talking Heads. This is just one of the many fall music festivals in North Carolina. Shakori Hills, LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival) and Hopscotch have all passed. Time to countdown to Roo ticket sales...less than a month until Black Friday! (Hopscotch tix go on sale 12/1!)
Performances by Weezer and Jane's Addiction headlined DeLuna Fest this year in Pensacola Beach, FL, but a cancellation by Linkin Park trimmed attendance. Hey, The Shins and Cake were still there! For those those who did attend, instead of walking around in mud like Rooers are used to doing, festival goers at DeLuna Fest enjoy the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. The beachfront music fest runs for 3 days annually.
Good news, Minneapolis and those nearby! Although not an outdoor music festival, First Avenue has started plans for a summer music fest to be held at Parade Park. According to a recent article, the organizers are hoping to make it like the Pitchfork or Summerstage.