This past weekend Asheville, NC was flooded with 30,000 people to hear music by The Flaming Lips and other amazing musicians at MoogFest. In almost a dozen venues in the downtown Western North Carolina city, music could be heard for 3 days. The fest also featured a talk by Brian Eno, the artist and producer of U2 records and the Talking Heads. This is just one of the many fall music festivals in North Carolina. Shakori Hills, LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival) and Hopscotch have all passed. Time to countdown to Roo ticket sales...less than a month until Black Friday! (Hopscotch tix go on sale 12/1!)
Performances by Weezer and Jane's Addiction headlined DeLuna Fest this year in Pensacola Beach, FL, but a cancellation by Linkin Park trimmed attendance. Hey, The Shins and Cake were still there! For those those who did attend, instead of walking around in mud like Rooers are used to doing, festival goers at DeLuna Fest enjoy the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. The beachfront music fest runs for 3 days annually.
Good news, Minneapolis and those nearby! Although not an outdoor music festival, First Avenue has started plans for a summer music fest to be held at Parade Park. According to a recent article, the organizers are hoping to make it like the Pitchfork or Summerstage.

Check out this fantastic video of culinary students for the Art Institute of Nashville as they plan a menu for Bonnaroo.
A Kentucky woman charged with fraud and money laundering will be released just in time for Bonnaroo's 17th Anniversary. NewsChannel 5 recently reported a Kentucky woman was sentenced to 6 years in prison for a multi-million dollar real estate scam. The woman claimed to be an expert in the real estate industry and sought investors for fake real estate projects like a Disney park in middle Tennessee, Bonnaroo festival land and health care facilities in Arizona.
Just a few more weeks until MoogFest 2011, held on Halloween weekend in North Carolina's notoriously hip city Asheville. (The fest original started in NY, so it's migration south says a lot about NC!) Coordinated by the same people who juggle the planning of the Roo, MoogFest brings music and creativity to Asheville for three days with performances by Moby, The Flaming Lips (who recently played Hopscotch in Raleigh) and laughs by the Wham City Comedy Tour.

Tickets for MoogFest 2011 are $184.50 (second tier pricing, first tier has sold out as of this posting). According to their website, this is the first year a pumpkin carving contest will take place.