According to the Courier-Journal, Louisville's annual music and arts event, the Forecastle Festival, will be held at Waterfront Park from July 13-15, 2012. It's one of the top outdoor music events in the US. Past performers included She & Him, The Black Crowes, The Flaming Lips, Widespread Panic and The Smashing Pumpkins. The fest is organized by none other than the Bonnaroo organizers! So if you miss the Roo, there's still something for you.
Ever wonder what purpose the Bonnaroo property serves the other 361 days out of the year? Recently the 2011 Warrior Dash was hosted there. With only about 10% of the crowds that the notorious summer music fest draws, it was...muddy. And there were Port-a-Potties. Hmmm...sound familiar?
Music lovers who fly into Nashville will be happy to hear that the airport is growing their rental car capacity. With Bonnaroo maxing out Nashville Airport's passenger levels, the international hub will soon be able to store twice as many rental cars as it was previously able to do. Perfect for anyone who wants to fly to the Roo, rent a car and explore the area's music history, distilleries and other fun road trips outlined in How Do You Roo.
Getting to Bonnaroo By Plane

Anyone who flew to Bonnaroo X will be happy to know they were part of a record-breaking event. The Nashville International Airport set a new record with 19,000 passengers flying in or out on June 13, 2011. According to a recent article, this exceeded Thanksgiving Day travel by 120%!

Flying to Bonnaroo sounds good. But what about the fun of driving to the Roo?
Although How Do You Roo covers a lot of tips on what to wear and what to bring to eat at the fest, Gianna Stefanelli's latest article for Inside-Beat takes a novel approach: strategy. She recommends plotting stage visits, nap times, water breaks and staple supplies in advance. What do you prefer: spontaneity vs. premeditated comfortable fun? A combo of the two would be nice.